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Majestic Isles Forms

The following forms are available on this web site. Click on the form you want to use and then print the image that comes up. By printing these forms from our web site, you can avoid having to go to the Clubhouse to get them. Once you complete them, return them as usual.

Meeting Set-Up (3 pages)
Use this form to advise the staff about what your needs are for a meeting in the Clubhouse. This includes set-up of chairs, tables, lighting, sound, etc.

Sign Up Sheet
Use this form if you want to put a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board in the back lobby of the Clubhouse.

We Care Emergency Contact
This form is not mandatory. It is a voluntary form that can help you with safety and security. It advises them about who to contact in an emergency where you are not available or are unable to communicate with them.

Channel 63
Use this form for anything you want announced on Channel 63.

C.O.P. House Check Application
Complete this form if you want the C.O.P. people to check on your house periodically while you are away.

Architectural Review Committee
This form must be completed and submitted to the ARC for any changes you want to make to the outside of your home. If in doubt about whether you need this for a change, check with the ARC to determine if the form is required.

Request for Generator Use
If you want to install a generator for use when we lose electricty, you must request permission by completing this form.

Security Gate Form
Use this form to add or delete names from your permanent list for the guard, family or other local emergency contact or new vehicle information








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